Modern Monogramming


To me, monograms are an expression of love.   Whether you are looking at a monogram to celebrate a milestone, decorate your home, or give as a gift, monograms turn an ordinary object into something exquisitely personal.    Monograms can celebrate our heritage, our present and become treasured objects for years to come.   For that reason, my favorite part of my work is helping customer's select a monogram that is significant on multiple levels.

I have had a lifelong love of monograms and all they represent.  My first business was born while I was in the 4th grade, selling monogrammed Bermuda Bag covers (remember those?).  In college I was a philosophy major, concentrating my studies on semiotics and the philosophy of symbols and interpretation.   I studied to be an antiques appraiser and continued on to business school at Dartmouth College where I pursued a career in management consulting and analytics.  It was not until my son was born years later that I felt the strong pull toward sewing and monogramming.

I have been monogramming now for 14 years and made the leap in late 2017 to create Modern Monogramming and pursue this dream full-time.  I am  so grateful to my customers for supporting my business.   Thank you for visiting my website.

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